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Hello all, here I am with a new post, it has been what? A few weeks? I was waiting for something I don’t know-important, real, right?

So look, this has been another week of ups and downs, moments of strong and mercyful faith, moments of sin, confusion and distraction as ever. But then here is the part that may end up most challenging or interesting in some ways. The day before yesterday a couple of my work colleagues seemed to have learned or guessed that I am Christian.

So look, I have never really hidden this, but I suppose I have not always shouted it from the rooftops-some reasons for this are linked to not working Sundays, and a previous manager not wanting me to encourage other staff to do the same.

So yes, these are both two younger guys I can mostly view as friends I would say-especially the one who just suddenly, but in a friendly way looked at me and said-

‘Are you a Christian?’ (He did say it with a curious smile, not in a vindictive way)

I was not at all expecting this, just going about with the usual tasks in work. So I possibly hesitated for a short couple of seconds-what is the right way to confirm this, in 2015?-I said, with a smile…

‘Well, yes I am, in my own strange way’ (or something very close to this, it was a rushed, surprise moment so some of it s lost to me)

So then began a casual but unexpected conversation in a friendly manner about my faith, my view of what/who God is or might be, what I think about Jesus, my friend’s own beliefs, childhood religious upbringing. The other guy there just quietly said he was probably atheist while the one talking a lot I think decided that he was possibly agnostic these days. He had been put through a religious school period with nuns, that Catholic kind of thing I think.

At first, he expressed just how shock he was in some ways-

‘But you like Lamb of God and listen to metal!?’ he said.

‘Well, I don’t love Lamb of God, but yeah I like metal and rock music…so?’

So I expressed my current personal views-briefly, I mean, were at work, and this just suddenly happened. Well, at present he is still my friend, and had the view of ‘to each their own, fair enough’. One of the others guys I saw at work yesterday and was not too sure if he was really wanting to still know me now. But it seemed that he was okay still like he always has been, I think. I think it probably helps that they have known me for a good while previously, so they’re not suddenly meeting a ‘Christian’. They know me, how I am, what I like, my interests. I told them ‘look, I’l be first to tell you church music sucks, that’s why I listen to a good few christian metal and rock bands’. I have previously lost some friends when they have found that I that I have this particular kind of faith, and just hope that these guys still want to know me and that we can continue to work well together as we usually do.


Yes on their first full UK headline tour right now, American huge Christian rock band Skillet made it down to Wolverhampton last night. I went along myself, and after some stressed out confusion over roundabouts on the road journey, finally parked up and walked in as the support band were doing their thing loud and proud on stage. I picked up a nice tour t-shirt and walked in to see what they were like.

I had not heard of this band, and actually for a support band they had some decent songs, and seemed quite confident and tight as a band. I was looking around, and seeing the people in the venue, the crowd building up as more folks entered and walked in and around inside.

I was curious to see what kind of crowd, audience and people would be turning up at this gig-you see I am a rock music guy, a ‘metalhead’ at times. I’ve seen most of the big legenary bands such as Motorhead, Metallica, Nine Inch Nails, Rammstein, Def Leppard-all kinds of great rock and metal music over the years. I’ve also seen the people of many kinds-usually in black or/and denim-often and usually friendly, happy, wild and joyful in these events and venues. But this time, this is a christian rock band who are massive over in America, but not really very well known of much at all in the UK.

I hoped that there would be a good turn out, I wanted to see that their great music might have been heard and drawn in a good audience, keen to see this passionate band live. That is what I saw, but more than that. I could see a good mix of some regular rock music fans and some who had possibly never really been to a real rock gig previously. I saw a good number of happy small kids and children brought along, and that was really cool, and I hope that they had a great time and that others showed them that a rock gig can be good fun and not scary or dangerous or even ‘evil’.

I just have to say that I was really super-impressed when I heard the familiar song ‘Dogman’ from one of my favorite bands KING’S X played over the venue right before the band hit the stage. That really was very cool.

So SKILLET came on, and it was stunning and more theatrical and grand than I possibly expected. They reminded me live of some bands like Within Temptation, Evanescence, with their stong and powerful lighting and two string musicians with them onstage playing along with the band.

The songs were so strong and tight, a great start and the audience seemed to be well connected with the band, clapping along, fists in the air in time to the tunes. Inbetween some songs, the singer casually chatted to the audience, seeing some who had been at the gig the previous night in Scotland, talking about growing up, nintendo, music, their tour.

It was visible that they band were clearly enjoing themselves, while playing with such fierce passion and energy. While they did play most of the big recent hits such as Monster, Sick of it, Comatose, and a few much older tunes, they probably didn’t play enough from the great new album RISE I think.

Overall though, certainly one very fantastic and great gig, a very stunning rock band who will hopefully return to the UK again not too long from now.