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Snow and steam out of my ears…

Posted: December 11, 2017 in Uncategorized

Hello all in this chilly winter Brexit land we are drudging through. Thinking of Christmas? Thinking of Gluewine and mince pies after more beer or regular wine? Wondering how to get that stupid fad toy present for the kids before Xmas eve rolls around?

I’ve got some of that going on…not much but some. Also though bit of a moan to let out. You know, I’m in a regular working class job, just above minimum wage. I got my degree but things get very muddled and life happens. I am proud of being working class but I kind of hope I’m not boring ‘look-at-me-martyr’ in the workplace. I do try not to be any kind of stereotypical Christian saddo. I’m sure the ones I work with don’t really think I’m too much of anything like Ned Flanders of The Simpsons. They know I’m a rock n’ rollin’ weird arty bloke with some kind of faith. But I may still be too nice.

See I usually don’t work Sundays and I’ve got my reason. I’ve got my head screwed on, and kind of know my rights but…I may finally have been just too soft with my bosses. Now, is this about me and my faith? Am I being too dramatic? If it is about the principle of not working Sundays how much does it really even matter now?

Some of it personally is also about family time and keeping a day for that. I’m in the UK-we tend to work longer hours that most other countries all around us for…well no good reasons at all really. This British complex about wanting to look so very hard working…sigh. For what? For who? And then what is the effect on families? With working adults often clocking in possibly around 50 hours a week give or take some, how often do kids see their parents? How often do partners spent quality time with each other?

Are we working ourselves into early graves all because to have huge mortgages or super-expensive cars and lifestyles? Just what do we stand for now, and why do we do it?

If I now cave in and join in with the rest am I throwing away my principles, beliefs and values to please others? Because I am ashamed, afraid to stand for my faith and beliefs at work and face scepticism, ridicule? Right this may seem really unusual in the UK, but I wonder if this is more of a regular personal struggle or has been in the U.S.

I know some Churches are now actually pondering if worship really needs to be on a Sunday always or any day of the week, any evening of the week as long as it happens. That may be the way, but we possibly should not loose our faith and identity getting to that change.