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Been away too long…

Posted: May 28, 2017 in Uncategorized


I’m back- never really been away-I’d sort of neglected this blog page for what actually seems to have been a pretty darn long while. I was waiting, leaving it for when I may have felt inspired or had some good tale to tell…well sometimes you just need to write any old thoughts down, and well I should have been doing that a while back.

So…how are you all? Doing good? Some interesting or eventful things moving your life and path these days?

So look I’ll just make this a quick return post for now, mention a few interesting things. Let me think…well I went to Greenbelt again last August-good time, but may have been feeling as I do not need to really go again too soon (even thought probably will be there 2017. )

I haven’t been at my regular church every week- this ain’t a real shock. Yes, I struggle with how I feel being there, my place in being there, if its the right church for me etc.

There’s tons more of course-music, art, films have been happening. Twin Peaks is back y’all!! Can you even believe it? Good start to it so far as well…

We’ve had a really great new Demon Hunter album released about a month ago-big success on release it seems. The new The Letter Black album out this week. Good to have them back. Latest Mastodon album seem one of their best since Crack The Skye.

So look I’ll post again very soon (no, I really will) and I’ve got things in mind to write about here. Keep good and safe, positive and keep the love.