Clearing the leaves…

Posted: January 24, 2016 in Uncategorized

Hello everyone. How are you keeping right about now?

I return here, to this blog of hopefully humble thoughts and contemplations with the experience and dealings of another week behind me now.

Hold on there, I need to change this music…

I can only listen to bagpipes for so long. Right then, on we go.

So look, this week has been not highly unusual but eventful near the end. My own thoughts of faith, God and purpose have been turning over in my mind. You see, I often observe people, our culture, the world events, national and world news and consider what is going now here, why and how and for what reasons. With this I then think about how I fit into all of it, in the best way.

There are many different things going on spiritually all over the world. Maybe we here in the UK have a largely faithless or agnostic culture, but it cannot be denyed that humanity has and continues to look for and worship God in many ways. Is it a natural, expected thing, a deep-rooted human part of living which will never really leave us, whatever science or Western culture may argue?

I did end up having some form of feeling of guilt personally today. This was about myself, where my faith may be, what I may or may not be doing as a Christian, how I may or may not be living. This feeling has drifted now, and I am not precisely clear why or where it came from. I am not Catholic and have not done some drastically serious crime as far as I know. No, this was just a regular spiritual kind of guilt.

Was it brought about by church? Well, possibly but much more than that.

Anyway, this blog post is not me feeling all guilty and moaning. Things have turned around. You see, I am just very concerned for our culture, the country I live in, the divisions, the ways that many of us are afraid, made to feel fear or confusion by the media, the ways we hurt each other.

I see hope thought. There are lots of problems. Hey maybe this is still me grieving for the loss of David Bowie (we should make him a Saint now right?). The start of this new year has been a struggle. Both Bowie and the legendary Lemmy of Motorhead passing away days apart. Just why? I mean, rockstars are never really immortal, but seriously God-taking them so quickly one after another-it hurts.

The floods, the extreme weather in the United States, the continued terrorist threat. But there is much to look forward to in this year, we have so much to be thankful for still. I know this, I see this and I relax a little more.

I am who I am, I don’t think there is much wrong with this at all. Let us drink or listen to the lasting great music of Lemmy and Bowie and be thankful for it in our world.

There may be more people around me and us who do believe in God or a higher power, more people who want to love, help others, know our neighbours, help others when very bad things happen, when low emotions pull us down.

I think I’ll go listen to Bowie’s Blackstar album again with a smile and peaceful night ahead.



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