The kids are alright, but the tutting…

Posted: December 6, 2015 in Uncategorized

Yeah, I somehow managed to make it back along to the bigger modern local church again this morning with my wife. This was after problems with the house door, waking up and getting dressed quick enough to walk super-fast along the main road just as the service was starting.

So already was in a bit of a ‘not totally awake and grumpy’ mood on stepping into the church. But as the songs and service continued, it cheered me up surprisingly quickly.

Thing is, right now in the last week or two the crazed advertised hype and marketing and commercial aspect of Christmas has come down upon us fast and without mercy. The many regular atheist or secular floks around me in work and daily life are thinking about expensive presents, what the festive seasons means-i.e.- often or usually many chances or excuses to get shockingly drunk and do really stupid things and work parties and in pubs and clubs with the get-out of ‘hey,it’s Christmas’.

Brief note-I’ve no problem with people drinking and being merry at all-drinking way too much, acting like total fools, starting fights, hurting eachother verbally etc.-that sucks.

So I was at the chuch this morning after a week or two away. Many kids, young ones around, big mass of people all happy and spiritual etc. Great, good times.

After all the songs, the sermon things started. About a couple minutes in the speaker-well known and respected nice fella-accidentally swore, mixing his words. Many people laughed, possibly uncomfortably. So that was funny.

It was the a sewrmon connected to the start of Advent of course, and he was highlighting the link with Christmas and Jesus’ death on the cross, but we should not forget the time between he was suggesting. very good. Some of it was maybe pushed a bit much toward the end, but it was very good overall.

After all this, well-pluss the ‘mingle part midway-came the really uncomfortable walk around and chat part before leaving. Look, for some of you, just casually chatting away to others or even stranger may be the easiest thing in the world. Great for you. Well done, have a gold star.

It’s not that I’m shy really-at this point more probably that I don’t want to offend others with some of my views and beliefs. And having noticed that some may not be Guardian readers-which is arguably the most relevant, essential, modern, connected, non-bias, open-minded, wide reporting world and national newspaper-well that made things suddenly even more difficult. I’ll try to connect and know and be friendly with all and any kinds of people, I really will. But if I’m surrounded by a load of Dail Mail reading narrow-minded, conservative, Tory-voting, paranoid, materialistic, upper-middle class ‘spiritual’ people…that is fairly hard.

Churches are closing regularly in the UK, some remain open or expand due often to money from wealthy middle-class folks. So in some ways, hey maybe the poor and confused peeps like myself don’t matter so much to churches. I can’t pay for a church extension, I don’t look like a member of Mumford & (Wealthy)Sons.

Godbless, I’m off to think things over, listen to some tunes, better than apathetic, feminized church tunes or christian ‘safe’ pop ditties.



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