Trick of the devil…treat of salvation?

Posted: November 1, 2015 in Uncategorized

Hello all. Here we are on Sunday midday, morning after Halloween 2015. I did not end up doing much last night. This is the usual event really. So look, I don’t know what you think about Halloween, the notions about spirits, devils, witches, celebrating things creepy, spooky, ghoulish and evil. Do you approve? Kids walking the streets, maybe with parents, knocking door to door and asking (or begging, depending on your point of view) for sweets or a ‘treat’. If they get nothing, they may then feel like giving people a ‘trick’. Or just simply throwing eggs at your windows.

I was at work for some of the night. Some of my colleagues were dressed up in costumes, all bloody and ugly. I wore an old great Alice Cooper t-shirt and had some plastic fangs if I needed them.

I saw many families and some groups of friends, some couples on their way out or having been trick or treating. People seemed happy, in good spirits (pun intended).

So should I dissaprove of all of this, as a born-again God-believing person?

The answer may be a yes or no, but mostly personally I do not really mind it all. You see, I am also a big fan of horror films, horror books. What I do not like is when it gets out of control. There were reports in some of the local newspapers of people who had been attacked on the streets last year, their money stolen, hurt with knives. Some people beaten up by groups on the dark streets under shadows. It can be a dangerous night. I worry about the young children and kids wandering around. Older kids may chase or attack them, steal their sweets, steal their money, beat them up or worse. These things do happen.

But then, some people have a really good time, really enjoy themsleves. Many folks were going to Halloween parties-we are becoming so very much like America now with our October 31st. This is consumerism, selling an event, an excuse to get drunk and merry. Maybe we need this, want this, or just accept one more on top of all the other social big occassions now. For non-religious people (most folks in the UK) it is a chance or excuse to get merry and have fun. Well, that’s fine.

How about all of the old thoughts about getting too close to ‘evil’ or bad spirits? Are we actually taking a big, possibly dangerous risk, tempting fate with all of this ghoulish behaviour? Many Christians would certainly think so.

Do I think like that? Possibly just a little. But then, part of me maybe thinks that it is also good in some ways to acknowledge and confront the notion of evil, danger, dark forces, evil in the world. Danger, death, fear are part of living. Death is a part of life at some point. This is how I see watching horror films and similar things. To shy away, is to deny this. To confront fear and horror, is to also possibly enbrace life from that. Confront mortality and remember how blessed we are. To also remember that there are dangers in life and the world around us. Some people-many Christians may live a life, with almost all or every kind of uncomfortable, nasty, troubling event or thing around is edited out, or ignored which may not be the best way to live.

There is danger, darkness, things that spook us and scare us in this world. There is then also love and light around and beyond that waiting for us.


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