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Okay, continuing on from the previous post I having been reading more of the weekend article about LGBT tensions with faith and church.

The brave and bold reverend from the UK I mentioned was Sally Hitchiner-a wonderful young lady of faith, and yes also gay. She works with Diverse Church in UK, and they attended London Pride recently. Many LGBT people really seemed to react well to the unexpected support, and message of God’s love waiting for them.

Diverse Church handed out leaflets stating- ‘We’re sorry if anyone has ever told you that God doesn’t love you. God loves everyone’.

This just simply warmed my heart so much. Simple honest love spread out to all.

One slogan seen around the area read ‘Queerly Beloved’ as joyful music played loudly at the Pride march.

We have some great supporters of LGBT and gay rights  from our world of faith here in the UK now, including Ms Hitchiner, Vicky Beeching-evangelical musician/theologian, Steve Chalke-social activist/leader of Oasis network, but also Tony Campolo has shown support.

The UK CoE Anglican church of course remains tongue-tied and hesitant, only just about managing to get to grips with the problematic (but not really) issue of female Bishops recently.

Must must listen, show love, respect, and listen to God, not simply our possible fearful or confused conservative cultures of old.


I thought that I was in fairly good spirits now after having finished work and returned home. Nice cup of tea, half an old doughtnut, look at the papers. Oh dear.

Now, I don’t read the trashy simple propagandist right-wing or tabloid newspapers, and so this was a valid serious issue to change my mood.

Starting out, it was written by a very intelligent guy, a spiritual journey-man if you like from the UK  here. He was setting out an article about LGBT in our times and the challenges with acceptance, culture and more. He referenced a brave lady reverend who was supporting LGBT cause, and calling for them to ask their haters for forgiveness.

He then goes on to state some of the LGBT tensions in America toward the church, with disrupting services, breaking stained glass windows, calling for stripping of charitable status for church.

This all saddened me. I do know that all gay/lesbian and LGBT people are not agressive, violent, angry to such extents, but I would also certainly understand all of this.

Considering how the majority of American church and christianity reacts toward gay people, it would not really surprise me to hear of this kind of response from some.

Although from my parents/grandparents generation, I had mostly respected the massive scale of evangelising done by Billy Graham, but he apparently thought that Aids was Gd’s judgement on gays. Oh dear.

That was a very long time ago, but there are many christians who of course read the Bible very literally, and have serious personal problems and views of LGBT people. This is 2015, let us please move on. There are so many more serious issues for people of faith to be concerned about such as illeagal war, the wealth/class divide increasing, poverty and joblessness continuing, big corporations collecting our personal data, our children and young being so confused, violent, lost and more.

Right here-I have no problem with gay people, bisexual people, trans or other gender minority groups at all. Get married, fall in love, be very happy. Spread love, find peace, find faith. People of faith-find tolerance, understaning, find love.