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Coffee, pain and Grace…

Posted: June 21, 2015 in Uncategorized

Oh it’s Sunday. Oh joy.

No really, I was kind of looking ahead to it with some hope and optimisim this week, but just hours before I was sort of getting less interested.

Now we’re back from church, and well…it was one of those off times. This is mostly due to the fact that I took my morning meds quickly and then we rushed off to church, maybe the late night but on top of all of that was just my state of mind.

I have such strong views on social class, justice, injustice, inequality, I’m cynical, jaded, I curse more than I have in the last few months. Stuff is going on.

I perhaps don’t fit into some of the nice charming social catergories with the rest of the very nice, mroe wealthy, very well educated, very financially successful people in this church around me. It gets to me, I won’t pretend it doesn’t.

With that also…the music. Oh dear heck, ah man…I know the views, the cultural debates or lack of…I am not a super-masculine guy really but this music, these hymns are just still so very, very feminine, and soppy to be blunt about it.

Nothing wrong with that, right? Well, the majority of people in the church are probably female, this music and worship style ‘clicks’ well with them, with how they feel. That’s fine and good. But it certainly isn’t for everyone in society. Should I feel odd because I don’t want to sing about almost going on a date with Jesus and falling head over heels for him?

There are many forms and genres of musical styles, and mainstream church worship music is still so inoffensive, conservative, middle-class, feminine and blant…I just can’t get with it personally.

Please don’t be offended by this, but I’m say that there are many folks in modern society who do not dig worship music like this, never will, and will and are probably very turned off by it.

But hey, they probably don’t have huge bulging bank accounts right? (Oh dear, there I go with my class related issues again).

The major problem is there for me, not just with the lame worship tunes but because I know that so many thousands of people in my country don’t go to church, many of them young, under 30, the next generation, and they like different music and pop culture which current mainstream church just isn’t connecting with.

The message doesn’t really get spread inside church, just repeated. The message should be out on the street, in work, with strangers when it feels suitable and right.

Is too much of modern, current church just simply an ego thing? There just to make many of us feel better about ourselves, even when most of us are some of the luckiest people on this planet, in some of the richest, wealthiest countries right now?

Take peace, faith and hope with you.

There were some good things mentioned in the service today-the message is not the church, it is Jesus. You’re not bringing people to church, you’re bringing them to Christ.

Amen to that for sure.