Ok, so I did not get all the way to Church this morning…

Posted: October 19, 2014 in Uncategorized

Panic! Outcry! It’s an outrage!

No, but I do work lateshifts on weekends sometimes…

Hey, I’ll hold back my excuses, but still explain my p.o.v. hopefully.

(Hang on one second-terrible music on the tv…)

Well right, actually this has been a pretty great week looking back now. How did it start? Well there was the big build-up for a fantastic rock gig in Wolverhampton with American christian band SKILLET on their first UK headlining tour. Really, really fantastic night, got back home around one in the morning due to confused drive on dark motorway roads.

Also met a famous book author at his book signing event, really inspirational guy, really nice.

Since then, the rest of the week was possibly the usual challenge, attempting to hold down my human ego, be humble, listen to many others, remain calm and consider all sides of every story.

I have reached the weekend with some cynicism, head full of my regular conflicting views on class, politics, national and international problems as usual. It also looks like the rain is about to pour down again outside….

Again, I have remembered the music/band project that I planned a long while back which I really want to get going at some point between my many projects. Along with my slow moving musical tests and experiments, I intended to put together or at least write some spiritual songs/music and this still has to happen, it really does. It will also be in a very honest, truthful form that suits my tastes musically-heavy, strange, crushing possibly experimental rock tunes of faith. Be warned.

Well, this is actually an important weekend for myself and my wife, so I must get back to reading now and probably walk out into the cleansing rain later…


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