What kind of a day…?

Posted: August 31, 2014 in Uncategorized

Hello again, it is Sunday once more.

So this week, this Sunday brought another time to feel torn about which local church to go and attend, as I am sort of between well three or four. We intend to possibly pick one and stay there eventually but well…things are not that easy.

I was going off the idea to be honest, but eventually I went along to our regular long-time church, which is currently taking place in a local park over the summer time.

I often feel I don’t fit in at times, or I am younger than most or older than some, and that should not really afis affect thoughts or feelings but it can.

I mean, yes it is a place to worship, it is about God, but I feel that a person should feel comfortable doing so also.

This is all affect by our modern culture, the mix of all kinds of cultures, interests, divide and division of community, generations, social groups and more.

But today was actually a really nice time at church. Being at this park/cafe venue the atmosphere is mroe relaxed than the usual structure, so that does help. And it can come down to who you end ups sitting next to and talking with at times.

We looked at Psalm 62, inspired by one of the leader team hearing it discussed at a recent summer christian festival. It seemed at first a fairly usual, regular psalm, but after a short while we did seem some quite interesting elements it. Some of it almost related to some events in our recent lives, in global and national events, politics. We prayed about it, explored it in small groups casually.

We than prayed about the middle east situation and the troubled international events taking place and discussed them a little. This all felt like good church to me.

Admittedly, my wife and I were a little late and so I think we missed the songs at the start, which might have made things easier.

So now I have some spiritual thoughts for the day ahead while I go about a few regular daily events and tasks of the weekend. Hope you have a good day too.


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