Music, music I hear music…

Posted: August 31, 2014 in Uncategorized

Just really need to tell you all about a couple of great things happening with some christian music soon.

The very amazing and fantastic American rock band Flyleaf are due to release their new album, and first with new second singer Kristen in two weeks time. The first single ‘Set me on Fire’ is out-have a look at the video on Youtube- and hopefully it will be a great strong comeback after their previous much-loved singer Lacey decided to leave after having her first child. Lacey is still doing good things, involved with The Whosoevers group in American, doing talks, lectures, testimonies and possibly her own book and solo album soon. With any luck Flyleaf will tour around the UK and Europe again soon, so it would very good to go see and support them.

Another really fantastic American band Skillet are heading our way in October I think. They like Flyleaf, are absolutely massive over in American and tour there constantly, and after their new album Rise came out last year, some of the singles have been getting good air-play over here. They are I think doing four dates in the UK, including Glascow, Wolverhampton, London and more. They are a really fantastic, inspirational great band and should have some solid support and love when they come over to here.



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