Honesty and faith in life…

Posted: August 17, 2014 in Uncategorized

Short post this here, but I just want to mention something in the national news this week about a famous christian. British worship musician and presenter Vicky Beeching came out as being gay this week.

There are going to be many, varied responses and reactions to her sexuality in the next few days, months especially among christians in the UK and American and elsewhere I am sure.

My own view on her news and given the very sad story behind it also, is that I am really very glad that she has been so very brave to speak about it and be open. I am very sure there will now be some difficult times, but I hope life will be much better for her.

Yes, my own view on gay, lesbian, bi, transgender is fairly simple and modern, progressive and positive. I have a number of gay friends, I have known some for years, and let me say this-some gay friends have proven themselves to seem very much more compassionate and caring to others and selfless than some others, including possibly some christians I have known. Gay is not a type of person-it is sexuality.

My view is that there is very little said about sexual orientation in the Bible, and mostly over other things, there are very many much more serious issues and problems going on in the world today. With terrorism, civil wars, extreme poverty, class inequality, serious diseases, banking corruption, exploitation, traffiking of people, drug wars, race tension, depression, materialism, advertising, consumerism, addictions, corporate lies; gender fear is hardly anything worry about.

I truly wish Vicky all of the best in life, I hope others find her move inspirational and I hope that she still feels God in her life as ever. Godbless you Vicky, all the best.



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