There is XBox, but there is God too…

Posted: August 10, 2014 in Uncategorized

Hey, hello again. Here we are at Sunday.

So I am not going to church today (so far anyway, I may change my mind in a while) but I will write some thoughts here. Worship can be contemplation, thought, reflection personally, intimate and quite also right?

I don’t know-is the title of this blog post misleading? I was thinking about what to write about…I am going with being male, being under the age of 40, and that kind of thing. This might not seem like much of a problem or an issue, not really considering more of the very serious things happening around the world today-all kinds of suffering, oppression, injustice, disease, inequality in the UK, US and all around the world.

This is just a simple short post now, about being a male guy with faith and need of God or undersanding of God with modern culture around us.

I might not be taken up with all kinds of distraction and entertainment which grabs at us but many guys spend much of their time watching and living football, sports, in the pub, with the ‘lads’, there is music of many different kinds-some of it great and creative and expressive and some of it sexist, derivative-and then there are videogames, XBox, Playstation, PC games, on-line MMO multi-player games.

Am I thinking that many of us spend too much time watching football or immersed in videogames? (I will not forget here that many women and girls also like football and play all kinds of videogames just like guys do these days, nothing wrong with that at all) no, but maybe I am wondering about the experience of entertainment…watching games, playing games-both entertainment, but also but different…

Watching sports and football games and also watching good bands or musicians can become addictive, we get passionate, we can easily end up almost worshipping the great sports players, the singers, guitar players etc.

Playing great videogames either as a single player or multiplayer we can escape reality, get away from troubles, forget problems of everyday. We can soon though begin to feel powerful, we get a feeling of greater Ego. You can die in a game, but come back for another go, with strategy. I am mostly very open-minded as far as videogames go-same with films and music etc, but yes there can be some problems and bad issues sometimes but that is another discussion, another blog….

So it looks like this piece here is considering entertainment, escape through entertainment, escape of self, of problems. We can not forget problems, block them out forever, and that is probably where God fits right in. So go watch that great game later, your favourite team; go play that new game with your mates and try to get that really high score and get much further but if you have a big, major problem stop playing the games at some point and give God some time.


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