Do I look the part?

Posted: August 4, 2014 in Uncategorized

Well again this Sunday, church was different-we made it along to our usual chruch but it was taking place in the park so we had to drive along a short while to get there. After a couple of days of extreme heavy rain, we finall had what seemed to be a day of peaceful sunshine and reflection.

Now, because I am sort of between two or even three churches currently, on that search for where I fit in, before leaving the house I had to think carefully about what I would wear yesterday. Now, maybe I should not have had to think about it at all. Maybe the simple answer is just-hey, ‘Sunday Best’, that is what you wear to your church. Well, things just aren’t that simple (not for a 30-something guy in 2014 UK).

What I wear can reflect my character, how I feel, where I come from. I do not really believe much in the idea that you really should wear what is your ‘Sunday Best’-or possibly most expensive suit/shirt/dress (if a woman). Some churches and places of worship do that, that’s good for them. To me, that might actually turn people away these day, put them off thinking about walking in if they actually don’t have what they think of as very good, expensive or just the ‘right’ clothes. They may feel insecure, out of place, rejeced or worse.

For me, it is more of a culture and class thing. I could just forget it, not put too much thought into it at all, and just go along in whatever I pull on on that day. I feel that I actually come from a slightly different place culturally to probably the majority of the people in church, and possibly from a different class.

It could be that actually I feel that I represent alternative culture, working class or at least I should be the one to step in and show most regular church folk that they do not need to fear someone under 50 dressed in a bit of black or looking just more casual than wearing a very sharp and exprensive suit, or the finest quality shirt or dress available around.

I do think about this because there are poor towns and areas around me, and it really is a fact that just so many poor and working class people will not set foot in a church. There may be many reasons for that, but if when they go in or even see others entering or leaving and it looks like some very swanky exclusive golf club/country club they probably just think ‘forget that’.

So I wore black, I wore my big heavy boots. (Let us remember Johnny Cash wore black, and why…) . I also though don’t intent to intimidate nice folks in their church, but I just wish to feel like myself and ultimately I don’t want to change myself to fit a chruch-should I?

Dress code…?

If I should, then is that also why mostly all of the youth of today-especially the poorer working class just don’t consider going into any church near where they live?

(Okay, they also play a lot of Xbox, PC and Playstation but that is another post…)

Like the classic Nirvana song ‘Come as you are’…


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