Summer stuff going on…

Posted: July 11, 2014 in Uncategorized

Just a quick one here, thinking about what’s going on…

The fantastic super-intelligent and long-lasting Manic Street Preachers have a new album out right now called ‘Futurology’ not long after the previous much more quite one.

This new album pulls in influences of early 80’s art-rock, electronics, Krautrock sounds, and sees the Manics more energised and fresh than in a good many years.

There are now dozens of trailers around online for the mad and crazy new Marvel movie Gruardians of the Galaxy due soon. With a bunch of new more peculiar and bizarre characters taking on villains in space with rockets, laser, space explosions and more it looks real good fun.

It is festival time now, we’ve just have Isle of Wight, Download metal/rock festival and the legendary Glastonbury which was conquered by the mighty Metallica. On the Christian front, there is New Wine and eventually Greenbelt due. Are you going to any?


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