Alright, so here are a few underrated or less well known things that boost my spiritual Christian walk and faith…

The music of Johnny Cash-an amazing country music icon now sadly passed away. He had his troubles, but made so many great uplifting and inspirational songs and albums through his life, and tried to follow Jesus well.

Bands-KING’S X-Truly stunning band. The first four albums are fantastic, awesome worship songs there. very honest music. Some said a mix of The Beatles meets Metallica. In America, many Christians distanced from the band when singer Dug came out as gay mid-90’s. Were percieved as a ‘Chrisian band’ from start, but more of a spiritual band these days.

Skillet, RED, Love and Death/Brian HEAD welch (guitarist from band KORN), Stryper-yeah I know, but really if you like classic rock/metal they’re pretty cool really.

Flyleaf-Really fantastic Christian band, sadly original singer Lacey left a couple years ago, now have new singer and new album due later this year.

The Whosoevers-Members of Flyleaf, BrianHEAD Welch, P.O.D. involved in this Christian alternative worship movement in USA.

P.O.D.-Rap/metal Christian band, some great albums/tunes including ‘Alive.

Times of Grace-side project from Killswitch Engage band members.

U2-Possibly the biggest Christian band ever really.

Also love many bands like Iron Maiden, Metallica, Frank Zappa, Led Zeppelin, Sabbath, Prodigy, Radiohead, Bjork…

Books-The Manga Bible-From UK comic artist Siku, it came out around four/five years ago, fantastic artwork.

Donald Miller-Blue Like Jazz, Searching for God knows what, etc. Really great, honest thoughts collected in books.

Rick Warren, Jeff Lucas, Rob Bell, Adrian Plass…

I also really like the sometimes ‘controversial’ Christian festival GREENBELT-which incorporates art, faith, music, worship, discussion of all and many kinds.


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