It starts right here, right now…

Posted: July 7, 2014 in Uncategorized

Hello all out there. How are you doing? This here is going to be a small new place where I just put down some thoughts and ideas from this point on.

This is how things are-I am a guy in the UK/Britain, I am in my thirties, I am some sort of Christian. Here is the difference- I am also a fairly open-minded, liberal in view bloke, I like much of modern pop culture, I did not grow up specifically Christian and I am now sort of ‘Born Again’ even if that is a naff term sometimes.

I am not too regular a guy as I really am not too into football or most other sports (I don’t mind them, they’re just not my thing), I don’t really drink any more-not a religious thing, more personal and again no problem with friends and other drinking.

Mostly though, I just don’t ‘click’ with most ways of church and worship, but I know that there is nothing wrong with that, and I am not going to just go along with it to please others, or the be in a social club, for social status or because it is expected.

In the UK now the majority might believe that mostly the country is secular, non-christian now, most churches are very empty, very boring, old stuffy places. Well, no – there are many christians across the country, that is true, although mostly the most active and youthful might be around London, the capital city. There are more ‘modern’ churches all around the UK, but they are mostly just copying the main American ‘Big church’ style. This is fine and great for some people, if that is you, well great-enjoy it.

I will be honest-I am a bit of a cynic, some things I just can’t easily believe or get with. I am not going to just bad-mouth them here on this site/blog, that is not why it exists. If some do really speak in tongues, love the ‘safe’ pop indie folk nice worship tunes, fine. That is not really for me.

Here is a little more about where I am coming from:

I really like rock/metal music, I am married, I like video games, I like art, all kinds of films and movies, travel, all kinds of books, cultures.

I studied art and film, I am fairly tolerant to most other religions and faiths, of Atheists, Gnostics, secularists, and others.

I think that there are many Christians under 40/50 who might not honestly really connect with regular church, or feel pressure that they should.

Let’s be honest with our faith and our walk in this life.



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